Our Charitable Work

At City Catering Southampton we believe that receiving great quality food, served with kindness and care, is a right and not a privilege. Everyone deserves the best possible nourishment. To honour that belief, we place a significant focus on making a tangible difference in people’s lives through local nutritional projects.

All the profits we make from our corporate catering orders go back into holiday provision projects through out the school holidays.

Fighting Food Poverty in Southampton

The school holidays push many families into food poverty and insecurity. Children from low-income families are often entitled to Free School Meals during term time, yet there is currently no such provision during the holidays. City Catering is committed to filling this gap by feeding families who may otherwise go hungry.

Filling the school holiday food gap

Hot, nutritious meals

We serve school children and their families who would otherwise go hungry with a free hot, nutritious lunch during the school holidays through our Lunch Crowd initiative – helping to prevent hunger, social isolation and academic decline during any of the school holidays throughout the year.

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Working with others

We currently support three holiday clubs in the Sholing, Thornhill and Mansbridge areas and are committed to working with Schools and our partners to increase the number of clubs throughout the City to offer families free food, enriching activities and social support during the school holidays. 

Partner with City Catering

Taking the lead

In 2018 we created a Charitable Impact Committee which guides our focus. A key aim is to work closely with others across the region to fight school holiday food poverty. We have therefore founded the Southampton Holiday Provision Steering Group to drive change, increase partnerships and support more families.

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