Five ways to cater for your next meeting on a budget

For every business event there’s a budget. Here’s our catering team’s handy guide to help you ensure your business catering delivers food that’s above expectations and below budget.

Know your numbers: be as accurate with the number of people attending your event – whether it’s a business breakfast for 30 or a new-product launch for 200. Ensuring you have the right amount of food, drinks, and staff for your event will mean that your spend matches your expectations.

Dietary requirements are key: serving delicious food that your colleagues can’t eat because they have (unknown) dietary needs is a sure-fire way to waste money. Keep colleagues fed and happy by knowing their needs.

Keep it simple: if you’re working to a tight budget, work with your chef to create a simple, market-fresh menu that’s packed with flavour – not packed with extras.

Get creative with your venue: finding the right place to hold your event goes a long way to keeping your budget in check. If you need venue recommendations or ideas, speak with your caterer as they will have location-specific suggestions for you, and potentially some partner deals to save you money.

Stick to your budget: it can be tempting to set your heart on a menu concept that in reality is out of your price range; stand firm on your spend, and work with your chef to deliver delicious food and professional service that’s within budget.

Now you've got the basics covered it's time to choose your food. Explore our office catering menu to explore your next internal lunch food options.